About us

SENUN counts with a multidisciplinar team, highly trained at all stages of the decision-making process, that might help your company to ensure good businesses, proper acquisitions, apposite postures at any juncture, as well as a planned and solid start in new markets.

With more than twenty years of experience in this area, Fernando Braga, our CEO, is an expert in mergers, acquisitions, strategical decisions both in micro and macro economical scenarios. A hands-on professional, Fernando Braga always certifies the trustworthiness of each analysis and seeks the best for the health of the companies he works with, in a short, medium or long term.

Having advised several international and national companies, in many types of financial and management operations, our team has a singular solution for any type of difficulty, dead-lock or change of panorama that your company is going to face.


See below the Senun´s main executives resumee.


Fernando Braga

  • With twenty-seven years of career in the financial sector and a solid experience on restructuring bearing liabilities, as well as developing financial structures under measure, making renegotiations, securitizations and portfolio managements for physical and juristic persons. Having worked in banks and brokerage firms, in the sectors of credit and investments analysis, underwriting and interbank negotiations. Fernando Braga has been working as a financial advisory since 1996.
  • Has actively participated on fund-raising and funding applications operations, M&A, financial restructuring and judicial recovery of companies in the most different sectors, such as pharmaceutical and metallurgical, superior education, technology, agriculture, sugarcane and civil construction.
  • Specialized in economical and financial viability analysis; elaboration and implementation of budgeting systems and cash flow; identification of funding alternatives; capital’s structure evaluation; selection and coordination of work groups; elaboration of presentations intended to Private Equity and Venture Capital funds.
  • Holds a degree in Management from the Faculty of Economy, Management and Accounting Sciences of the Universidade Mackenzie, did his postgraduate studies at FGV and an MBA in Sustainability and Management from Fundação Dom Cabral.
  • Founding partner of the TMA (Turnaround Management Association), holds lectures about financial administrations themes, and participates in the creation of courses and events. Fernando Braga has held the function of TMA’s CFO for two consecutive terms.

Rodrigo Giometti

  • With eighteen years of professional experience, Rodrigo Giometti worked in multinational companies, in the accountancy and quality sectors, and also worked with business management consultancy.
  • Rodrigo Giometti possess expertise in organizing companies to accelerate their performance, assisting with the implementation of the whole process, from the organization strategy, setting goals and targets, to the preparation of a project that keeps its sustainability. Implementation of the matrix management approach, to increase the gross revenues and to improve the contribution margin of the companies. Analysis of financial statements, strategical preparation of scenarios, for the improvement of the income and costs reduction. Remodeling of processes, increasing their efficiency, predictability and robustness. Elaboration of the Income Statement Definition and also of the cash flow statement. Financial management and strategic planning. Elaboration and monitoring of performance indicators.
  • He has participated in the development of the fiscal restructuring of companies in the cosmetic and food industry, being co-responsible for the elaboration of their fiscal triangulation, as well as their valuation.
  • Rodrigo Giometti is specialized in business and projects management, having worked in the sectors of tourism, retail, trade, manufacturing, electronics, logistic and services.
  • Holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Universidade Paulista, and an MBA in Strategic Management of Economic Projects from the FGV.